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翻译,最后一句 Although l wAs vEry young.


How beautiful you are!

Albert Einstein was born in Germany on March 14th, 1879. When he was a young boy he used to ask lots of questions, for example, “How does darkness happen?” By the time he was 14 years old, he had learned math all by himself. He was a shy

1.although it is cold, they decide to go out without having coat. 2.although it snows,they will go out. 3.i will visit him,although i can only stay for several minutes. 4.although he is child,he knows lots of things. 5.although they have tried it,they can not

英文翻译: This summer, I was sick. This for me is very bad. The doctor said to do operation. When I hear it, I'm afraid. Then the mother from Xi'an home to take care of me. As a result of anesthesia causes after operation, I cannot move. My mother

1 he has rich work experience,although his youth, . 2 she wear like a movie star,although she is a student. 3 the classroom is too big, we all hear what the teacher says. 4 her working experience is so rich, no one can match her. 5Therefore, the

I have been to Guilin when I was young. Although I was small, But even until now I can still remember the beautiful scene there.

I love life now, the sun, replenish. Learning every day more than 8 hours, although sometimes feel tired, but at least meaningful. 7:00 to get up every day, although sometimes feel trapped, but at least admire very much their own. 3.1 lines per day,

b 翻译:尽管已经年老,但是她还是很优雅 虽然although,in spite of和even though都有尽管的意思 但是although和even though后面接的是句子 但是in spite of后面接的是短语

译文: Thank you for joining CCTV's Olympic Games direct seeding show. Now, the chinese athlete Lin Yue and small flame are joining man ten meter diving platform competitions. This is finals's last round. We saw that the one who now enters the

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