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nothing on you演唱:邓福如Beautiful girls all over the world.Beautiful girls all over the world.I could be chasing but my time will be wasted.I could be chasing but my time will be wasted.They got nothin' on you baby.They got nothin' on you baby.Nothin'


till the world ends - britney spears 这首么不过里面的oh是连着六声的~部分歌词如下… This kitten got your tongue tied in knots I see 我知道我这只小猫已让你目瞪口呆 Spit it out cuz I'm dying for company 吐露心声吧,我正与我的伴侣狂欢 I notice


是girl 's day 的 期待 吗?Ooh Ooh, Ooh Ooh, Ooh Ooh, Ooh Ooh, 可爱的 Ooh Ooh, Ooh Ooh, Ooh Ooh, Ooh Ooh, 漂亮的Oh 每天都想要把你的电话号码从手机中删除

I Found Love - Owl CityI was so young and recklessIt was all a blur but there you wereAnd your love left me breathlessWhen the fairy dust fell over usYeah I, I felt like I could flyCause I, I found loveSo take my hand, and shed a tearBefore I'm gone, it's

不知道是不是Lenka的Trouble Is a Friend.以下附歌词 Trouble will find you no mater where you go, oh oh. No Matter if you're fast no matter if you're slow, oh oh. The eye of the storm and the cry in the morn, oh oh. Your fine for a while but then start to

JudasLady GagaOhohohohI'm in love with JudasOhohohohI'm in love with JudasJudas! Judaas Judas! JudaasJudas! Judaas Judas! GAGAJudas! Judaas Judas! JudaasJudas! Judaas Judas! GAGAWhen he comes to me, I am readyI'll wash his

潇洒小姐 萧亚轩 作词:葛大为 作曲编曲:小安 编曲:ELVA MV导演:陈亦仁 昨晚睡得太少 黑眼圈遮不掉 被谁伤有点糟 无所谓不重要 我想你睡不好 爱没什麽医药 告白不是祈祷 只想让你知道 你也有好感为何你不勇敢向前 我扯掉所有阻碍只让

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