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Illustration: 1, who have personality, who also not born adapt to the social environment, like a river, the za is the beginning of stone, each have each shape, horns, body by water erosion, after a considerable period of time, the horn, thorn of all round

A: Hi B: Hi A: My name is Andy and your name is? B: My name is Bob. A: I know that we are in same school. B: Yeah, I have seen you there. A: I need a favour from you. B: Sure and what is about? A: Are you in the same class with Jim? B: Yes. A:

A: More and more college students are taking part-time jobs,like shop assisstant, waiter or waitress and so on. So what do you guys think of think of these phenomena?B: Well, I really appreciate those who have the courage to work part-time and

A what are your favorite sports,guys?B i like swimming.C i prefer jogging D and i like to play basketball.A cool,i like swimming too.you can exercise without getting all sweat.B yeah,i agree,it's a perfect way to exercise in summer.A you are

dance i amdancing fun. i am loving in to the nite club. i am doing dance with lady a and say"what is your name" "lily" then i dance to lady b say "what is your name" "lisa" i find a lady c and cance to her and :'what is your name" 'alice"

I said to my parents to leave me alone and my problems are none of their business. I then realized it was something I didn't mean and apologize for my bad attitudes. One thing: Once I was upset that my deskmate got an expensive gift from his

Tanya:GoodmorningCarla.Howareyoutoday Carla:I'mdoingfine.Howaboutyou Tanya:Greatthanks.Sowhat'sthestatusofouradvertisingcampaign Carla:AsImentionedbeforeit

Plans for the Spring VacationJohn: Hi, Dave, what's up? You look great.Dave: I just booked the train ticket. I will go back to my hometown! I'm so excited. I can't wait! What about you? Any plans?John: I think I will just stay home. It will be very crowded

A:Good afternoon.B,C,D: Good afternoon.A:How is going on today?B:I got lots of homework and I don't know how to do it. The worst is that I need to hand up it tomorrow.A:Oh, it's terrible!C:It's nothing compare with mine. My teamates didn't want to

第一篇 1.Today, I want to tell you a joke, the three countries onto ghosts, the Chinese, French, British, gather together,they are squandering their respective countries to see whose spending even more strongly that the French people to put only rats

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