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武汉新型肺炎疫情英文作文范文:2020 is a new beginning, but just at the time of the Spring Festival, the Chinese people once again face the virus crisis: new coronavirus, only 17 years since the last SARS in 2003. I saw in the news that the new

2020年是一个新的开始,可是,恰好在春节降临之际,中华人民再一次面对病毒危机:新形冠状病毒,距离上次2003年非典仅过去17年.2020 is a new beginning, but just at the time of the Spring Festival, the Chinese people once again face the

新冠肺炎国际名称COVID-19病毒名字叫做 new corona virus肺炎的医学名字叫做pneumonia /nju'mn/ p不发音所以新冠肺炎全称可以叫做 new corona virus pneumonia

As for me, I should also actively contribute my own strength to this year's new year's Eve, do not visit the door, do not have a dinner party, and urge my family to do a good job in health and epidemic prevention. I have to go to public places and wear


It is undeniable that every parent expects his or her child to become an outstanding person in the future.Especially in the contemporary society,fierce competition even began to take place among pupils.As parents,they deeply feel the obligation that

Nowadays, many young people are complaining that their parents can not understand them very well. They say that their parents take care of every aspect of their lives, leaving them unable to have their private space. Yet, parents are worried that

( My Favorite Plant) Out of all the plants in the world my favorite plant is rose. Because is a sign of romance and love.Although I have never receive roses before, but I wish in the future I could receive some from my love ones, and it have to be under

We can never overemphasize the importance of saving water.But we are now wasting a large amount of water in our daily life.It's estimated that about 70% of the water used in a family everyday can be saved if we follow the tips below. First, use

on online chatting Attitudes on computers and middle school studentsIn modern times,vidie games are very popular amoung students.Many of them are interested in them a

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