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Tell me why[ar:Declan Galbraith] [al:] [by:雨打枯荷] [offset:500] [00:02.86]Declan Galbraith-Tell me why [00:08.21] [00:34.81]In my dream,children sing [00:40.36]A song of love for every boy and girl [00:47.24]The sky is blue and fields are green [00:

死性不改 童声版?

金属摇滚都很劲爆的:1.bon jovi-it's my life2.nightwish-bye bye beautiful3.pain - dancing with the dead4.eternal tears of sorrow - the last one for life5.the rasmus - first day of my life6.breaking benjamin - breath

我也不确定你说的是什么歌 但是我最近听了一首罗马尼亚的小孩cleopatra stratan唱的一首Z开头的歌 不过是歌名以Z开头的 叫《Zunea-Zunea》 只是觉得挺可爱的 也建议你听一下

A girl who is in Class 3 Grade 9 sang a beautiful song.When I heard that,I felt very very relaxed.The best show prize was the short play from Class 1 Grade 8.But I don't think it

thrift shop - macklemore&Ryan Lewis

是不是这个哦 peerless 也叫b what u wanna b <<b what u wanna b>> 歌手:darin zanyar 专辑:darin doctor, actor, lawyer or a singer why not president, be a dreamer you can be just the one you wanna be police man, fire fighter or a post man

your friend歌手:declan galbraith 专辑:tell me why[ti:your friend][ar:declan galbraith][al:tell me why]if you're feeling all alone,if somebody makes you cry,don't you worry about a thingi'll dry your eyes.everything'll be allright,the sun is gonna shine on

《forever young》? 我觉得很好听.不知道是不是这个哦呵呵

Heartbeat - Mat Kearney Nashville, it's burning tonight You turn me right 'round,Baby, like a 45 I'm feeling every song That this town could write Oh, the fire in my head And the drummer in my chest Just take one look in my eyes And they will confess

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