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gEt on with造句

I try to get on with my roommate well 我努力与同屋相处好!

get on with 英[et n wi] 美[t n w] [词典] 继续(干某事); 和…友好相处; [网络] 相处; 进展; 与……相处; [例句]People will talk, but you have to get on with your life.人们会有议论,但日子还得过下去.

Get on with getting it on before it 's too late.满意请采纳哦,谢谢,祝学习进步!

She gets on well with her classmates.

Jim gets on well with his classmate.Jim和他的同班同学相处得很好.

The work was got on by you

We get on well with each other.

She's ambitious and eager to get on(in die world).她雄心勃勃,迫切地想成功.How's your son getting on with his French?你儿子的法语学得好吗?I'm not getting on very fast with this job.我这份工作进展不太快.go [get] on [along] swimmingly 进

She is getting on well with her husband.她跟他的丈夫现在相处得很好.希望能帮到你..如果满意,请采纳.谢谢!

He refused to help the selfish old woman.他拒绝帮助那个自私的老妇.Dont'd be nervous.不要紧张.He gets on well with his classmates.他和同学处得很好.

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