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my FriEnD 50词左右

英语作文题目:my friend50字my best friend.This is my friend.(如果你朋友时女生,就把he改成she,50字以上)望采纳,谢谢

my friend 50词 带翻译My friend.Cathy is my best friend. She is a very nice girl. We have known each other for more than ten years. She

my friend英语作文 50词my friend i have a best friend.she is friendly to me.she is different form me.she has a price of big eye.and she

初一英语作文my friends大全50字左右配中文翻译Cherry is my best friend from Singapore, and she is a girl.Cherry 是我最要好的朋友,她来自新加坡,她是女孩。She is

英语作文“my friends”字数50字I have a good friend, his name is Xiao Li, Xiao Li is a clean boy, he has a short black hair, and he wears a

my friend英语作文。50词Tony is my best friend. He is fourteen years old. He is very tall and strong . He likes music and sports. We often

英语作文my friend(50字~80字)i'm more serious. He is more athletic and likes to play all kinds of sports but I am smarter on study. My friend

求一篇英语作文以My Friend为题 50词左右. 急!My FriendI have a good friend that accompnies me all along.She never tell lies or

my friend英语作文要写的好一点!50个单词以上My Good Friend My good friend is Mei.She’s a girl.She is my classmate.Mei is

谁知道题目为my friend 的英语作文怎么写?(50词)My friend I have a good friend.She is a pretty girl.She lives in Jiujiang.She is

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