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my sChool DAy英语作文五句话

My School Day I get shcool at seven in the moring everyday.At 8:30 I start my shool day.In the morning,there are four classes .I have four classes In the afternoon,too.My favorite subject is English ,because my English teacher is so nice and humorous.

My life is filled with homework and tests instead of playing and dreaming.In the morning,I typically rush to school for a morning quize;at night,I stay up late for the next day's exams.Day after day,I repeat the same boring life.During these boring days,

My school dayI always get up at 7:00 in the morning.After breakfast,I came to school.There were so many friends at the gate to wait for me.During the whole day.We have seven classes.Althoug

This is my dayI get up at twenty past six.At seven o'clock,I eat breakfast.Then,I go to school by bus.I have lunch at school.I go back my home at five.After homework,Igo to bed at nine o'clock.

I get to school at half past six everyday.First is self study, i usually spend half an hour preparing my lessons.Followed by Morning Reading.It is often Chinese and English.At about eight o`clock,we start the first class.It is usually maths,English or

Today is Sunday.It is sunny.I don't go to school.I want go shopping.I get up at 6:30 in the morning.I have some cereal and an egg for breakfast.I go out at 8:00.The shop is near .I go there on foot.Many people are in the shop.I buy a pencil .At 12:00 I

Speaking of my school, it's a unique place. My school takes an important and unreplacable part of my life. I have been experiencing a lot since the first day of my stay in this school. Whether the experiences were pleasant or not, I have learned a lot

My school 我的学校 My school is a nice and huge.I very like it. 我的学校是一个漂亮并大的地方. It's hvae five big teaching building.one playground ,It's red and gueen,and two dining room.we 它有5个大教学楼.一个操场,它是红色和绿色的,和

My school I study in a beautiful school. There are many trees and flowers in campus. It's green all the year round. There are three buildings in my school. Two of them are teaching buildings and one is office and library. Our classroom is large and

I'm a student.I study in the Yanhe No.4 middle high school.I have a wonderful school life.Now let me tell you something about my school life.I get up about at 6:30 every weekdays.I have breakfast at 7:00.My classes begin at 7:20.After classes,I play

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