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There were slightly more particles:有更多的颗粒.Slightly:英 [slatli] ; 美 [slatli]adv:略微;稍微;身材瘦小的词组短语:1、slightly tanned:肤色较深的2、slightly overweight:小幅加码3、You slightly:看你咯例句:1、They will be

The full moon slightly chipped 满月稍微碎裂That's so me 这样的我So please 所以求求你Save me and hold me tight 拯救我,抱紧我Just make me all right 让我做什么都可以Under the dark clouds 在乌云之下Wingless swans in my soul 我的灵魂没



sorry,please tell me when we will hold our shcool 's sports meeting ? we all proud of china's rapid development. i think it's not necessary to waste so much money to hold the party. today shanghai is much different from past. students should develop the habit of handing homework on time. 自己翻译的,希望能采纳

这个句子直接翻译就是他们不是稍微表扬了他一下,更合理的说法就是他们对他大加赞赏,和I couldn't agree with you anymore差不多,都需要改变一下翻译的方法才更合理.


Here to the needs of people will always be a cry when it will be lost on you when your compass music has life lightly, close your eyes to feel you will see the music if you can walk out of his own way i believe that as long as we persist in my dream i

According to a Rongcheng 1976-2008 year material, it has analyzed meteorological element temperature, ground temperature, frozen earth, precipitation with the climate statistics method changes. The result indicated: The Rongcheng annual mean

Chinese auto market development speed been circles by optimistic as auto yield and automobile amount growing, car beauty decoration market will usher huge development space. According forecast 2008 China Vehicle Quantity will reach 50,000,

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