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tAkE onEs BrEAth 什么意思?

你好!take one's breath away: 使人吃惊或高兴得说不出话来如果对你有帮助,望采纳.


take ones position代替某人的职务**************************************************************如果你对这个答案有什么疑问,请追问,另外如果你觉得我的回答对你有所帮助,请千万别忘记采纳哟!If you have some doubts about the answer, please

《Take my breath away》的中文歌词 《带走我的呼吸》Watching every motion In my foolish lover's game On this endless ocean Finally lovers know no shame Turning and returning To some secret place inside Watching in slow motion As you

翻译为:take ones time 花一次时间 例句:1、If we're clever we'll take two simple ones first and spend a little more time developing the more complex ones.如果我们聪明的话,我们就会先提出两个简单的项目,然后花一些时间制定更复杂的项目

直译为拿走某人的呼吸,真正的意思是 是某人大吃一惊

Take My Breath Away: vt. 使大吃一惊(使人吃惊或高兴得说不出话来)

把我的呼吸也带走 就是很爱着这人了

tei ke 买 布re丝 e为 ( 拼音读法)

take my breathe awayBerlin/Take My Breathe AwayWatching every motionIn my foolisgh lover's gameOn this enless oceanFinally lovers know no shameTurning and returningTo some secret place insideWatching in slow motionAs you turn around

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